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Welcome to the inspiring world of Ije!

Ije, recognized as The Cheshire Woman of the Year, has been honoured for her remarkable contributions to her community and her unwavering dedication to supporting vulnerable individuals and groups. As the Founder of The Kairos Initiative, a Magistrate, and an HR/Employment Law Expert, she has made a lasting impact on the lives of countless people.

Her influential talk on Black Lives Matter was prominently featured on the official Black Lives Matter website, amplifying her powerful message to a global audience. With her exceptional storytelling technique, Ije has captivated corporate audiences, including prestigious organisations such as the NHS, HMPPS, The UK Civil Service, Bank of England Youth Forum, Reporter's Academy, and many more. Her expertise as a BBC Radio Producer has honed her skills as a dynamic and engaging speaker.

Ije's journey from a troubled part of Nigeria to the UK, coupled with her establishment of a charity to aid the most vulnerable individuals in the world, gives her a unique perspective. As an immigrant navigating life in the UK, she has grappled with questions of identity and self-realisation, battling self-doubt and imposter syndrome along the way. Her firsthand experiences have fuelled her commitment to break down barriers and empower others.

As an Advocate and Activist, Ije fearlessly utilises her public speaking platforms to raise awareness and confront injustice. Her relentless efforts have earned her recognition, including being shortlisted as a Positive Role Model for the 2020 National Diversity Awards out of 64 thousand nominees. Having triumphed over adversity herself, Ije intimately understands the challenges faced by minority communities in the UK, and she fearlessly addresses these issues.

Drawing on her British Nigerian heritage from the North East of Nigeria, Ije possesses firsthand knowledge of the activities and consequences of extremists and extremism. Through her charity, The Kairos Initiative, she provides vital support to victims of insurgency in Nigeria, embodying her commitment to making a positive difference in the world.

Ije's talents extend beyond her remarkable activism and advocacy. She is also an author, having penned her first book, "Surviving 0 to 5 years old #Mumofgirls," which is available on Amazon and reads as a peer to peer conversation about parenting small children.

Ije is an engaging storyteller and she has a unique way of challenging her audience to think differently and she always stirs a conversation amongst the people who hear her.

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